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Social media makes up such a lot of our everyday lives now, everyone has Facebook, and we're constantly adopting other platforms, Instagrams meteoric rise, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn - they all have different ways of connecting and engaging with our friends, family and clients. Advertising on these platforms can make a huge difference to how you reach clients, when you reach them, and we can help you specifically target each product to groups of individuals. Imagine being able to target people in your customers age range, geographic location, earning bracket, family ideals and people like them. We're able to help you build customer profiles, build look-a-like audiences and make sure your message gets in front of them at the right time on the right platform in the right way. We're able to tell you about your potential costs before you spend it and we can tell you how well your advert has performed and your return on investment (ROI) and we can remind potential customers about your business on a periodic basis. How do we do it?

Facebook advertising

Start at facebook, we can track existing customers, we can know what pages they hit on your website and we can make sure that we speak to them by showing them relevant products

Content and posting strategy

What's happening at your company, tell us, tell your clients, make a story of it. Got a new product, got a new member of staff, let the world know. Google loves a story, keep the world up to date with your changes and keep talking about yourself. From this we'll find out what works and what doesn't and we'll find out what to post and when to post it. Different content works on different platforms and different people share different stories, it's our job to help you maximise all of this.

Metrics, statistics and ROI

There's no point in posting aimlessly. Yes, having a good social media strategy helps but doing it badly can hurt your engagement scores and Facebook (and other platforms) actually show your business to fewer people. We'll back up what we're doing with numbers, we'll show you engagement and show you results - it's not all about the number of 'likes' on your page it is about building a relationship with those who like you who will actually do business with you and you'll know if we're worth it.

How else can we help out?

SEO: search engine optimisation

We'll make sure your content hits the right keywords so that you can rank naturally and organically for those looking for your posts.

Content creating and marketing

Content is king. It's not hard to write, but it's hard to write well. We'll work with you to make your content awesome and shareable

Web design and development

We can put together your website and develop new online opportunities. From new, or refreshing and updating your current website we can