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Who we are

We're a few folks in an office in Glasgow, Scotland helping clients with their marketing from all over the UK. We're never far from our phones, a macbook, from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The only thing we do more than chat is listen. We chat a lot, but mainly on behalf of our clients. We love to laugh, love to think up campaigns and love to deliver great results. We work with designers, specialists whom we call on when we need them but we ALWAYS work as a collective. One client, one goal.

What we do

We help clients of all sizes manage their online identities. We optimise websites for Google, Bing and others, we manage Facebook profiles, Instagram and others. We post pictures, gifs, videos, how-to's, blogs and memes (mostly of cats!) on most days and we don't baulk at working with your brand on a Sunday morning when you need us. We work with the long term goal in mind, we get results, engagement, likes, clicks, followers and REAL interest in your company, brand and site

How we do it

We work hard. Yeah that's it, we work like an integrated part of your team. We get to know you, the business, the audience and get to know your tone. We use combinations of social and SEO to maximise your brand in it's online space. We work with you to develop content, and we help develop results. We utilise analytics, we'll use pixels and we'll to get you found again and again by customers and potential customers. We know what we're talking about and you'll see that from the moment we walk in

Social Media

Management or training options. It's not easy to manage a social media account but it can be hard. There's definitely a wrong way to do it and doing it badly can result in your page losing engagement, followers and popularity. On the other hand, a few key messages worked in to someones day, some nice shares throughout the week and it can really change your social media channels, revitalise client engagement and make clients keen to come back for more. The secret is creating dialogue that appears effortless, this all begins with strategy and planning. We'll also tailor you message depending on your audience and your social platforms to maximise likes, engagement and return on investment

social media campaign planning

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is one of the most important things you can do for your page. Over 80% of the web is found via Google - when you search the web you actually search Google's database interpretation of the web, therefore it Google doesn't know what your page is about it can't tell anyone. It's not rocket science but it is key in getting found in the right place, at the right time, by the right people. With the review of a few simple steps we can help you get the basics right potentially leading to a complete transformation of the clients who find you - how would that revamp your online business?

Websites and digital development

Just starting out or been in business for years and needing a re-fresh? There's lots of reasons you might be looking at updating your online presence, working with us to do this means that we can update your website as we update your branding, we can make sure everything on your social media is tied in to everything on your website - making sure it has purpose and meaning behind each decision. We can help you build your dreams from the ground up.

Content Marketing

It's tough. It's not quite as easy as writing some "stuff" and posting it on your website, it needs care and attention, it needs to strike the right chord, take the right tone, speak to the right person but most of all it has to be kick ass content. To make it even harder it dovetails in to SEO, social media, audience and client groups. Maybe you've got a knack for writing, maybe you just need some pointers and training to make sure you get the basics right - either way we can help put you on the right track. Or, if you want the easy route, we can do it for you - your engagement will go through the roof.

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