The real basics of online marketing

You want to know how to improve your sites rank, start by improving your online marketing basics.

There’s loads of great things you can do to make your website and social media accounts pop out, you can throw money at them, you can team up with great ‘sharers’ offer discounts and competitions and loads of marketing companies can create huge big campaigns to help you move the needle.

There’s real truth in what we’re telling you here though.

Get the basics right. Get the basics absolutely right.

If you don’t, all of your online content can be brought in to question. Think about this, if you think someone is funny then they tell a really bad taste joke, chances are you’ll turn off them right away. None of their jokes in future will be as funny.

There’s a few things we tell everyone to make sure they get their online marketing basics right and that’s before you get technical.

Online marketing basics


Your grammar is wrong. Bad. Very bad. If you are not confident in your content or writing run it through spell check first. Run it through Grammarly, an online checker. Make sure you know if you should be using “you’re” or “your”, make sure you know the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re”. Definitely don’t mix up “to”, “too” and “two”. It makes you look unprofessional and if you look unprofessional your customers will wonder where else you are falling down.

On page navigation

Think about the user experience when they are on your site. Head to your site as a user and make sure you can get around, make sure you can get to the home page from every page and make sure you have clear ways of getting from there to where your customers want to go. Make sure your top menu is up to date, make sure everyone can get to your shop, can look at your reviews and can read your blog and make sure they can get from one to another without having to head away back out.

If people are browsing your shop make sure they can see other products (or similar, or complementary), if they are reading your blog make sure they can see the next article, or articles with similar content and help. This keeps people on your site for longer and makes you a higher authority in your industry.

Thin on page content

Your online marketing basics should make sure you are writing with gusto and confidence but don’t take the easy way out and write bullet points unless you are surrounding it with a bit of context. There’s been many a time I’ve went to get an idea for a recipe only to be met with paragraphs of the history of a dish, it’s heritage and it’s complementing dish. I’m not so interested in that but what they are doing is making sure that when Google reads the page it is picking up exactly what this page is about and it is because of that extra content that I’ve probably found that page. Ask about our content marketing.

Keyword stuffing is dead

We love to hear about your gym but we don’t need “gym”, “exercise”, and “fitness” to be every third word. Of course you should be writing in what’s going on with your page, what is going on with your article and you should definitely be thinking about making sure they key words are there but don’t think you need to stuff them in there.

Make your writing as natural as possible. The best thing about natural writing is people will enjoy it more when they do read it.

There is no new content, but there is lots of old stuff

Duplicate content. We worked with a fitness professional who said though science is finding out lots at the “top end” of fitness, for what he needs there is very little new stuff going on. He was literally duplicating content from others whom he admired. Needless to say his own content wasn’t working very well. We took a look at it, rewrote it, had it checked for accuracy and get it out there which improved his rankings in the same week.

We don’t have to tell you that if someone reads articles from your hero, then reads the same article from you they won’t be impressed. Google are also not impressed. They don’t like duplicate content and you just won’t get the same treatment from them in your search rankings. Ask us how to help with your SEO.

This is the real basics you need to get right. Before you even think about what type of customer gets to your page, think about what they see when they get there.