Digital marketing FAQ’s

Your frequently asked questions, answered. Mostly. Digital marketing FAQs as far as we can help.

What do you do?

At the heart of what we do is getting clients found online. We make sure your entire online presence is optimised for your client base and how you engage with them is as interactive, engaging and efficient as you need it to be.


That depends on you, we deal with different sizes of business and lots of industries but we can take you from step 1. We can create, design and host a website for you. We can work with you to create artwork for documents, menus. We can run your social media channels and manage your entire social presence – advertising, google, facebook. We literally have a full suite of solutions up our sleeve just waiting to help you being new clients to your business and help re-engage with existing customers too.

How much does it cost?

We generally work with clients for a long time so we tailor what we do for you to be specific to you. We’ll take on your work at one flat monthly fee and that’s all you pay us, whether you have a busy month or not, whether you have lots of promos/artwork needed or few. We can’t say how much because it would depend on knowing you as a client, if you are a small shop in a rural town it isn’t going to be the same price as us dealing with the owner of a multi-brand, multi-venue company.

Monthly flat, fee? Surely there’s going to be other charges to follow?

Nope. One fee, each month. No hidden charges, no extras, no hourly fee. We both sign up to what we agree and that’s us. If you want more from us in a few months, or think you need less just talk to us and we’ll amend what we do – simple?

How long does it take you to turn around artwork?

We generally will speak to you at the start of a month and plan for your next 4-6 weeks of “what’s going on” in your business. At this point we get started on the plans of what we’re going to do. If it is the case that something pops up and you need it, drop us an email or call us and we’ll fit it in as urgently as possible. We’re pretty busy so we always ask that you call us for urgent matters (so we don’t miss an email).

Do you work on weekends?

The short answer is, sometimes. We’re designers, and artists and thinkers. We design and think – even at the weekend. However, we still value down-time and we don’t tell anyone they must work at the weekend, likewise we don’t expect to be called with urgent matters on a weekend (nor on a Friday five minutes before we leave for the weekend). We ask that you respect the designers right to some chill time.

What’s the restrictions on what you do?

There’s not much really. We offer our services as part of a package that is agreed at the outset so you’ll know what you’re getting and we’ll know what you need. There are a few things that we won’t include in packages that are more one-off pieces of work, such as designing a website (as you wouldn’t need a website designed each month) but that would come as a separate bill. Elements such as video and animations would also likely fall in to this as well.

Can I pay in installments?

Yeah, sure. For work done outside our monthly flat fee we can take the payment in instalments that are agreed upon at the commencement of the piece. So for example if you want us to manage your social media and build a website this would be two separate contracts – the website build would just be spread over a number of months for payment.

Who owns the artwork?

You do. You can go use it on social media, emails, print work all that you can think of. It’s yours. As an aside, if there are images in there with restrictions these may still apply if you use them outwith the agreement with the image owner but that would likely be rare.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We’re not sure if this answers all your questions but if you have anything else you want to know just drop us a line and ask – you’ll get a great answer by emailing us at

Happy day!