Content marketing

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Your content is the backbone of any website and any business, from blogs, online articles, social media posts - even your email - what you write and how you write it reflects your business and your brand. It determines what type of customer you attract, who interacts with you and if they will return or share your media.

It's not hard to write "stuff" but it isn't easy to write the right "stuff". What you want to say might be obvious, how you say it, when you say it, how you broadcast it and everything surrounding that can be considered content marketing.

How can we help you?

Research and planning

Good research means that your campaign has a good start - what are you aiming to do, why, and for who. What are your competitors doing, who are your real competition and what are your real assets - and most importantly, how is it best to get your name out there.

Content and marketing strategy

There's no such thing as a "typical" strategy. We can talk to you to let you know what we think is best and why, how do we set up getting your message in front of each potential customer? Then we'll work with you to go about getting the best results for your business.

Campaign idea generation

We work as a specialist team, bringing about ideas and "what-if" scenarios. We work at being creative to get your message heard, listened to and SHARED!

Content marketing

Each piece if your content has a purpose, we can help make sure that it reaches the right places at the right times and we can help report on who it reached and how it got there.

Results, results, results

We'll work to continually refine your messages, platforms and audiences in order to get the best "bang for your buck". Your return on investment is always important to us, having great creative content is fine but it has to help your overall goal. We'll be there to test, tweak and iterate your message and optimise your campaign from every angle.

How else can we help out?

Social media managing & training

We manage your social media profiles so your posts reach the right audience, on the right platform and the right time and help train you on it.

SEO: search engine optimisation

We'll make sure your content hits the right keywords so that you can rank naturally and organically for those looking for your posts.

Web design and development

We can put together your website and develop new online opportunities. From new, or refreshing and updating your current website we can